Love Pumpkins...

Lately, there's been a trend of pumpkins used in decorating. Small, big, oval, round, deep yellow, orange, red, blue, tan, green, minty green, deep plum, black, white, bumps, ribbed or smooth skin, you name it, they are all beautiful.

The small personal size white ones are a favorite along with the frosty colored Heirloom Pumpkins. From using them as decorations on the center of the charger plate to centerpieces, they are so unique and perfect for this Fall time of the year.

Anything goes, carved, painting & glitter, ribbons, beads, in vases, as a vase, hanging or even stacked beside the door.

Pumpkins are very resilient and can last for a very long time once picked. Adding pumpkins to arrangements or making them the only decoration is cost-effective since they can keep for over a month in the right environment.

Lastly, pumpkins have become a symbol of abundance, prosperity, and growth. The pumpkins grow on a vine, connecting them to other pumpkins, in some of the worst soil. How the pumpkins can get so large is quite a feat; they are very resilient. For this symbol alone, pumpkins should be in every home and gathering during the Fall season.

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